Volunteers needed

“On this Wednesday, and maybe Thursday and Friday, too (July 8, 9, 10) we’ll be doing some cleaning at the Clase House in New Sweden.  If you don’t mind getting dirty, stop by – we’ll be starting at 8.00am.  Things need to be done both outside and inside.  For outside jobs (bring your own tools), there’s pruning, trimming, hauling brush, picking up debris, etc.  For indoor jobs, there’s a lot of stuff (shredded paper, soggy ceiling tiles, wall coverings, etc. on the first floor; raccoon poop and paper on the second floor) that needs to be shoveled into trash bags and put into the trash truck (Scott Landeen will be renting us his truck and we need to fill it!  The truck will be there by 11.00am on Wednesday).  Please bring a shovel (I’ll supply some heavy trash bags) or other tools you might find useful.  If you’re going to be working inside on the first floor you’ll need a dust mask (I’ll bring a few) and clothing that you don’t mind getting filthy.  If you’re going to work upstairs you’ll want a respirator and protective clothing (need to supply your own).”

Message from New Sweden Historical Society President Deb

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