Tell Me Thursday: WW Thomas, Jr

William Widgery Thomas, Jr. was the founder of New Sweden, ME. He went to Sweden and found the first fifty-one settlers who came to northern Maine with him on July 23, 1870. Many more Swedes followed. In fact, there were so many that arrived that some had to leave to find work elsewhere. The settlers worked hard to establish an agricultural community that eventually thrived. Several other towns developed in neighboring townships with many Swedish citizens: Perham, Woodland, Stockholm, Westmanland, Connor, and Caribou. People from other countries such as Norway, Finland, Canadian, and Denmark settled in the communities as did  Acadians and Irish.

W. W. Thomas, Jr with wife and son

W. W. Thomas, Jr with wife and son


3 Responses to “Tell Me Thursday: WW Thomas, Jr”

  1. Danielle Says:

    What a neat picture! Thanks for the history lesson. I love genealogy and history. My Tell Me Thursday is here.

  2. Melitsa Says:

    What a super beard! Thanks for telling us more about the photo for Tell me Thursday.

  3. Tell Me Thursday Says:

    What a great photo and history lesson! Thanks so much for playing TMT this week!

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