A New Sweden Home

The only identification given is “a New Sweden home,” which is written on the back of the photograph.

2 Responses to “A New Sweden Home”

  1. Raymond & Carolyn Hildebrand Says:

    This farm was built by Anders G. Olsson in 1871 and added to by his son-in-law, John Holmquist in 1889. The barn is the largest pre-1900 log structure in all of New England and an original log settler’s cabin is attached to the main house. The farm is on the National Register of Historic Homes. Owners since it was first built have been Anders G. (Olsson) Olson, John Holmquist, Harold Holmquist, Jenny Holmquist, Thomas Killion and Raymond Hildebrand. It is located on West Road in New Sweden.

  2. Raymond & Carolyn Hildebrand Says:

    After enlarging this photo, I found the farm layout (location of buildings in relation to each other) to be exactly like our house, but the actual buildings are not the same. The house has gables and ours does not. The roof is opposite to our house. Otherwise, the layout is the same…I imagine the smaller back portion of the house with the porch is the original log settler’s cabin, as is the cabin in our house. The barn is the same design, except higher. Ours may have had fill put in in front. Someone once mentioned the early home building plans in New Sweden may have been purchased through Sear’s Roebuck Co., as many are alike in basic design. One home down the road from us is the exact same design as our house, but in reverse.

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