Here’s something that would be fun to have a chance to try out someday soon. Certainly it would be great exercise, unless you are the passenger! Here is the link to the blog with some photos.  Kick-sleds are still used in Sweden in the rural areas of the country. If memory serves me, I think there may be an old one in the basement of the New Sweden museum, but it will be spring until the museum is open again to check it out!


2 Responses to “Kick-Sled”

  1. Free Genealogy Guide Says:

    I’ve never seen a kick-sled, other than in photographs, but I understand they can be pulled by dogs as well.

  2. Beth Dekis Says:

    I am a relative of the Espling Family. My mother is Greta Espling Cote, daughter of Judith. I remember going to Christmas here and playing around the house and outer building which was the bathroom 2 holes. I put my name in one of the mustache cups in the dinning room I was about 10 at the time and swore that I would marry a man with a mustache. And I did. I didn’t get the cup but I got another one from the house. I will give it back to the house (museum now). My aunt Lynn Espling Silcox inherited a lot of the estate and she was nice enough to let me have a piece of our history. I will always treasure it.

    Is there no one to take over the posting and internet. I wanted to get updates since I have a lot of family still in Nothern Maine and New Hampshire. But we are all still swedes!!

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