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Newspaper ad January 10, 1872

April 28, 2011

The North Star newspaper for January 10, 1872 (from the archived files of Charlotte Lenentine Melvin):

Newspaper’s second issue began the carrying of an ad by John Brown of the Fort [Fort Fairfield] who advertised in Swedish his groceries, dry goods, etc.

Old Maine Swedish Farms

April 16, 2011

Old Maine Swedish Farms

It is sad to say but true. The Swedish language is slowly dying here in Maine Swedish Colony. Local filmmakers Brenda and Alan Jepson have recently released their lastest DVD which chronicles the importance of the Swedish language to the culture of the community. Several Swedish speakers are interviewed, including Floyd Jepson and Edmund Anderson, both no longer with us. Another interviewee is Lewis Peterson.

Dan Olson, narrator and language consultant for the film, conducts personal conversations with  local people in Swedish. The focus of the interviews centers on living on the farms in the old days and what life entailed in those times.

Maine Public Broadcasting Network (MPBN) recently aired an interview with the filmmakers. Follow the link to read the transcription and to listen to the rich audio which includes Swedish music, the Swedish interviews, and English translations.

Crown of Maine Productions offers the opportunity to own your own copy of “Old Maine Swedish Farms.”


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