Original Lot Numbers

Source: William Widgery Thomas, Jr., et al., The Story of New Sweden: as told at the quarter centennial celebration of the founding of the Swedish colony in the woods of Maine, June 25, 1895 (Portland, Me.: Loring, Short & Harmon, 1896).

[p. 132]


List of the twenty-two men of the first Swedish colony, who sailed from Sweden with Hon. W. W. Thomas, Jr., June 25, 1870, together with the lots upon which they settled, in the township of New Sweden, and the adjoining Plantation of Woodland.

Nicholas P. Clasé, Lot No. 135, New Sweden.

Nils Olsson, Lot No. 115, New Sweden.

Carl Voss, Lot No. 111½, New Sweden.

Gottlieb T. Pilts, Lot No. 114, New Sweden.

Oscar G. W. Lindberg, Lot No. 114½, New Sweden.

Jöns Persson, Lot No. 116, New Sweden.

Sven Svensson, Lot No. 117, New Sweden.

Karl G. Harleman, Lot No. 118, New Sweden.

Janne L. Laurell, Lot No. 121½, New Sweden.

Truls Persson, Lot No. 133, New Sweden.

Nils Persson, Lot No. 134, New Sweden.

Olof G. Morrell, Lot No. 135½, New Sweden.

Johan Petter Johannson, Lot No. 136, New Sweden.

Anders Johansson, Lot No. 137, New Sweden.

Anders Svensson, Lot No. 138, New Sweden.

Olof Olsson, Lot No. 138½, New Sweden.

Pehr Pettersson, Lot Letter A, Woodland.

Solomon Johansson, Lot Letter B, Woodland.

Jonas Bodin, Lot Letter C, Woodland.

Jonas Bodin, Jr., Lot Letter D, Woodland.

Frans R. W. Plank, Lot Letter E, Woodland.

Jacob Johansson, Lot Letter F, Woodland.

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