Ostlund Farm

The Noak Larsson family lived in the two-story log house before the George and Esther (Nelson) Ostlund family occupied the farm shortly after 1900. Members of the Ostlund family worked the farm for almost ninety years, growing potatoes, harvesting ice from the pond, raising beef, pigs, and chickens. Maine Swedish Colony, Inc. acquired the property in 1989 to preserve it for future generations.

Ostlund house painted by Pauline Hathaway

Ostlund house prior to renovation by Maine's Swedish Colony

Ostlund house, New Sweden, ME

Ostlund house, New Sweden

Ostlund house, New Sweden

Potato cellar at the Ostlund house, New Sweden

Potato cellar at the Ostlund house, New Sweden

Nils J Nelson June 27, 1942 88 years old in front of Ostlund house

George Ostlund farm

George Ostlund family

George Ostlund family

History of the farm published on a calendar by Maine Swedish Colony, Inc.

History of farm, continued

History of farm, continued

Newspaper clipping

One Response to “Ostlund Farm”

  1. Jeanne Clowes Says:

    Thanks for the memories. I spent many Sundays and holidays at Grammy,s house. She did,nt speak English so I never had a conversation with her but my mother and her sisters and brothers spoke fluent Swedish back then and I always wondered what they were saying. I was only 12 years old when Grammy died and we stopped having the big family get-togethers

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