Voyage From Sweden

Voyage From Sweden

by John E. Olson

We traveled from our homeland
in the Lord’s guiding hands
free from danger
to New Sweden where we live.
We praise the Lord’s abundant love
that we remain, body and soul
lovingly preserved.

Old Sweden

Old Sweden

Here and there upon this earth
we meet our daily trials and toil
but lighter here than on old soil
its still a vale of tears.
This isn’t yet our proper home
without a rest we still must roam
with praise and thanks to God our father
for the eternal kingdom he holds for us.

Women working in Old Sweden on the farm 1896

Women working in Old Sweden on the farm 1896

Yes, many friends were parted
back home with sorrow and tears
With God we’ll reunite
and never more be separated.
There will be a glorious choir
that will never part, as here
that will sing in perfect harmony

with praise to Jesus, dear

Family in Old Sweden in 1900

Family in Old Sweden in 1900

Some Background on Poem “Voyage From Sweden” by John E. Olson:
A copy of John E. Olson’s poem was shown to Anders Tidström by Katarina Hanson in 1970 when Anders was a young college student visiting New Sweden, Maine from his home in Sweden. John E. Olson was one of the early settlers of New Sweden and he wrote the poem in Swedish. Anders handwrote the poem into his notes and took it home with him to Sweden. In 2009 Anders contacted Paul Carlson in Maine where the two young men had met in 1970. Paul has generously shared his ability to speak and write the Swedish language by translating the poem for us. Thank you to Anders and Paul for saving and preserving this wonderful piece of history for all to share.

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